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One of the most famous destinations in Mediteran due to its pearl Dubrovnik, a town of great and exciting history. Dubrovnik is one of the towns that 2013. Trip Advisor put on the list of 10 towns in the world you need to see in a lifetime. Recently become more famous around the world as a filming site of Game of Thrones (in series Dubrovnik as King’s Landing).  South Dalmatia also includes the area south from river Neretva to Cavtat and peninsula Prevlaka together with peninsula Pelješac and islands Korčula, Lastovo, Mljet and archipelago of Elafiti. Parts of islands Lastovo and Mljet are under strict protection as National Park Mljet and Park of Nature Lastovo, due to its untouched forests and underwater flora and fauna.  Starting points of sailors are usually ACI marinas in Dubrovnik and recently Slano where the new marina was opened in 2017.

ISLAND KORČULA is the 6 biggest Croatian island where people besides in tourism work in agriculture. Olive oil and wine are the main products from Korčula. Although it’s a big island it is not densely populated because it is far from Split, a center of the region and main port. The most beautiful town on the island is Korčula but there are also towns of Vela Luka and Lumbarda. Sailing along the south side of the island you will see many coves and small bays which are a great choice for spending quiet summer nights under the starry sky.

Korčula town is for sure the most famous destination on Korčula island. It is also known as a „Small Dubrovnik“ and that tells enough about its charm and beauty that is known around the world. Sailors usually dock their boats in the ACI marina which is right there in the center close to the old town. In July and August it is almost always full and to have a place there we advise you to come early or make an online reservation with ACI marina. Staying overnight on the outside pier is not recommendable due to waves caused by passing boats.

As an alternative to the ACI marina, there is the bay of port Korčula just next to the marina where is possible to anchor and use your dingy or water taxi to come in the city. We can also recommend the town of Lumbarda if the marina in Korčula is full. Lumbarda is approx. 3NM southeast and it has a small marina with facilities, water, and electricity supply. It’s cheap and quiet to stay overnight there and if you like to see Korčula old town just ask the marina staff to give you a phone number of the taxi, the ride is 10 min and the price of a small combi is around 30 euros both ways.

Vela Luka is a town in the big bay on the west side of the island Korčula. The town is nice but not beautiful as Korčula, so we recommend to stay in the bay of Gradina located on in the same big bay. Colour of the sea there is turquoise and sunset is amazing. Bay is equipped with buoys so you can have a good night’s sleep.

LASTOVO island is located around 50NM south from Split and it is one of the faraway islands so people there are still easygoing and relaxed but at the same time friendly to tourists. Sailors often visit ports of Zaklopatica and Skrivena Luka (eng. Hidden Port). The main settlement, town Lastovo is inside of the island not visible from the sea. It was built there as a way of protection from pirate attacks in history and the whole town is a little bit mystique when you see it built on the steep hill. We highly recommend a visit and tour around.

The west side of the island is protected as a park of nature so it is necessary to pay a fee. If your boat is anchored in one of the bays there, park rangers will come to you in late afternoon usually to collect money. You can enjoy there sailing between small cute islands or swimming in lonely bays or even walking through pine tree forests and enjoying nature. Lastovo is an island that you will want to come back.

Port Zaklopatica is a safe natural harbor on the north side of the island. There are a couple of restaurants in the bay that are offering mooring services free of charge for its guests. It is a good deal because they are also equipped with a shower and toilets and they offer fresh fish from the daily catch. Bay is a good shelter from all winds except strong Bora (North-East).

The bay of Skrivena Luka (eng. Hidden Poort) gets its name because it can not be seen from the sea, and it was used as a safe harbour during history. Today we have a nautical centre in the bay that’s working in the summertime for sailors who are visiting the island. The nautical centre offers excellent food (we recommend lamb peka) and all other services as modern marinas.

If you are sailing from Lastovo Korčula town you can have swim stop in small island Saplun where you can relax on a small sandy beach.


Island Mljet is one of South Adriatic most beautyful islands and it is characteristic of its untouched nature,  mostly pine tree forests so it is ideal for biking, walking and hiking since there is a lot of small trails across the island. West part of the island is protected as National Park with Big and Small lake and intresting Benedictine monastery on the small island of Saint Mary. In the summertime, it is visited by many tourists who are coming with rented bikes from nearby ports of Polace and Pomena. It is often said that Polače port is best natural anchorage in whole Adriatic, so it was used already in Antika times as a shelter from rough weather. In the bay, you will see remains of an ancient fortress from Antic times. Today it is still popular anchorage but there are also local restaurants in the bay which are offering free mooring for its customers.

Island although big it’s not very populated (approx 1100 inhabitants) so nature is still untouched what in combination with cristal clear sea are perfect settings for relaxing and escape from everyday rush.

If you are planning to spend the night in the area of National Park you will have to pay a day ticket for the entrance with the boat. The price is starting from 20 euro depending on the size of the boat.

DUBROVNIK– „The Pearl of the Adriatic” seduced kings and artists for centuries

The wall is built to protect treasures, that why Dubrovnik is surrounded by a stone wall 1940 meters long.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world seducing kings for centuries with its medieval architecture. How will it inspire you?

It is a sunny town in the south of Croatia, one of the most famous destinations not only in Croatia but in Europe also. Although it is sometimes packed with tourists in the high season his magic will leave an impression on you and if you interested in the history of the old town it is best to take a tour with professional guide and walk on the old walls and see some of its many sights. It is often starting point for the charter week and the best is to take „one-way route”. That means that you can take a boat in Dubrovnik and leave it for example in Trogir or vice verse. In this way, it is possible to see a big part of the Croatian coast and landscapes which is full of diversity.


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