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Hiring a skipper is the best thing you can do if you want to have stress free sailing holiday. His job is not only to manage and sail the boat but also to make your holiday unique and special in terms of using his local knowledge and connections. Therefore, if you see that the last place in the marina is waiting just for you and other boats are circling around, or that the waiter is extra nice to you…that is probably because of your skipper. They are local experts who spend their whole life on the sea and Croatian islands, so people often say: “Best money I’ve ever spend”.
But remember that skippers are also people who need privacy in terms to have their own cabin. Don’t forget to ask the skipper to join you for a meal and eat together. If you prefer to have your privacy, the usual price to pay for your skipper’s daily food costs is 30 euro.
Skipper is choosing your route combining your wishes, in the first place, and weather forecast for fantastic sailing conditions. He is the one who is responsible for your and boat safety so it is advisable to follow his instructions. Usually, on the first day, after check-in, the skipper takes navigation chart on table and you both agree on your general route, will you go north or south, how many times you should use marinas because of water and electricity etc. So, if you are nervous about spending a week with a stranger on the boat, don’t be, because professional skippers that we work with are experienced guys who can feel guest’s vibe and be invisible or nice chatting companion. Having a skipper allows you to fully enjoy Croatian sailing paradise.

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